I’ll Be Back

So on Thursday i’m leaving for 8 weeks of camp so I won’t be able to write any more updates until i get back, I really wanted to have the next chapter out before i left but i had alot of last minute shopping to do plus i forgot that my friend was staying at my house for most of  last week so i really didn’t have time to play Sims 😦 so to make up for it I have a few sneak peak pictures 🙂


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Chapter 1.0

“Anything new today Bee” doctor Mason asks me, I’m not sure why he bothers asking anymore because we both know the answer, no.

It’s been 4 weeks since I woke up here at Riverblossom Hills General Hospital the doctors said I had been hit by a car and with the exception of a few bruises I was physically okay. There was just one problem.

I couldn’t remember anything not even my own name it was like my brain had deleted all my personal memories.

“Are you even listing to me” doctor mason says pulling me back to reality.

“Not really’” I admit

“I was saying that your ready to leave” yea yea yea I think, wait, did he say LEAVE he’s got to be crazy.

“Leave, I can’t leave I don’t have any were to go”

“Actually you do, Nurse Emma has offered to let you stay with her for awhile, she says that she has the room for you and there will be plenty for you to do. Besides you can’t stay here the rest of you life and the sooner you get on with living the better.”

This shocks me I mean Emma’s nice and all, plus she was the one who came up with the name Bee because of the B shaped necklace I had been wearing when they found me but why on earth would anyone want to bring part of there job home with them.

“why do you think I’ll remember faster somewhere else?”

“Bee you’ve been here for 4 weeks and you haven’t even come close to remembering anything and as much as we want to help you remember we think that it’ll take longer than we thought and you can’t just sit in here waiting for a miracle you need to get out of here and do something with your life”

“So you’re giving up on me?”

“I know this is hard for you to understand but were doing it for your own good”

“So I really don’t have a choice”

“No you don’t your leaving this afternoon and that’s final.”


“Well here it is, it not much but its better than nothing right”

“Its fine” I say looking around, the rooms nearly empty with nothing but a bed and dresser buts it still much nicer than my room at the hospital was.

“How you take some time to get settled in and ill call you down when dinners ready ok”

“Sure” I say.

“Good now remember if you need anything don’t be afraid to ask” she say as she walks out of the room.

I drop my head into my hand and cry i never cried at the hospital but now all the anger and sadness that I’ve been holding in has finally found its way out and there’s nothing i can do to stop it.

I just want this to be over to wake up and find that this was all one big nightmare and that I’m really just your average 18 year old with nothing to worry about, but no stuck here i the middle of nowhere and I can’t even remember my own name.

I’m not giving up doctor Mason may think there’s no way for me to get my memory back but I am determined to prove him wrong.  I will do whatever it takes to find out who I am and I will never give up.




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“I don’t want to do it Mom is that to hard for you to understand”

“but honey we’ve been planing this for years, first college then the internship at my office then an actual job there”

“that was all your idea from the beginning, you never even asked me how i felt about it”

“well why didn’t you tell me”

“i tried to but you never listen to me your always to busy”

” that’s not true iv’e  just had a lot of work lately”

“thats what you always say but its not true, your always at work your always on the phone talking about work, you’r hardly ever home sometimes i feel like you spend more time with your clients then you do with me, now i understand why Dad left you.”

“Don’t bring you father into this and please just calm down so we can talk about this”

“save it, i’m sick of this your trying to control my life but you’r barley even a part of it i’m tired of living like this i’m out of here”

I slam the door behind me and try to not to cry. She just doesn’t understand i don’t know what i want to be when i grow up but i definitely don’t want to be a lawyer like she is.

I hop into my car and drive off there’s no where i need to go to but i have to get away from here.


After a few hours of driving i’m not really sure where i am anymore i’m in desperate need of directions and food so when i see a small grocery store i full into its parking lot and head towards the entrance.

it’s cold out so i’m walking as fast as i can until i here a loud noise behind me.

I whip around to see car heading straight towards me my brain is telling me to move but it’s like my feet are stuck to the ground.

before i know it i’m flying through the air.

i land with a thud on the cold hard concrete and everything goes black.

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Bad and good news

So the bad news is that i cant play the Sims 3 anymore, well i could but its so slow its just not worth it, so then i got to thinking that this would be a perfect time to try out my Sims 2 Differences in the Family Tree idea so please meet my new Founder

I’d love to tell you her name but that’s  part of the story so you’ll have to wait to find out 🙂

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1.0 Sunset Valley

My phone rings as i wash my cereal bowl, i check the caller id Anna Peterson it reads my heart sinks Anna is my moms best friend or well she was my moms best friend.

“hello” i say trying to sound cheer full

“Hazel i just heard about your mom and i  just wanted to make sure your okay”

“im fine just trying to adjust to being own my own thats all”

“well you know i have an extra room how about you come stay with me in sunset valley for a little while”

“i don’t know i mean i fine here i guess”

“i know you have your friends and you job there but think about for me okay”

“i will”

“well i gotta go hun, call me latter after you’ve  thought it over okay”

“Okay, bye”

I hang up the phone and let the conversation sink in, im the type of person who likes to think things over, and thats when i realize i don’t   have anything keeping me here i never had many friends and the few that i did all have left since high school and i quite my job at the newspaper when mom was in the hospital.

ever since she died my life has been the same

get up in the morning



attempt to work on my novel

and go back to bed again its the same thing every day and to be honest its starting to get a bit old.

On second thought maybe going to Sunset Valley isn’t such a bad idea.

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